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Our company uses cookies. We consider it important for you to be fully informed about the cookies used on our website and the reasons of their use. We aim to inform and protect you and offer the best possible experience on our webpage.

We use cookies on our website mainly to improve the user's browsing experience and to collect information on your browsing habits, in order to target relevant advertising messages that best reflect your interests. Additionally, cookies collect anonymous information and help us to understand how users interact with our websites and to rectify any possible problems. They are used only to improve the website performance and enhance your browsing experience.

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to the device you are using to browse (such as a smartphone or a tablet). In general, cookies do not harm your computer or files. Without these, some online services you request (e.g. access to reserved areas, use of shopping baskets, etc.) cannot be provided. Cookies are completely safe and they do not store any personal information such as emails or phone numbers.